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    Announcing SolarWinds Labs - WMI Browser gadget!

      SolarWinds Labs is now official! Announcing the WMI Browser Experimental Gadget - Now available for download!

      As many of you might have noticed, we added a feature in Workspace Studio v10.2 that enables you to download "experimental" gadgets.

      What is an experimental gadget you may ask? An experimental gadget is a gadget that encompasses some functionality we would like to release, but it might be very early in the design/development stage, or maybe have plans to add more features, but want feedback from you on how to improve it, or we may have found something we think is cool, and want to find out if you think it's cool too. 

      Some "Labs" gadgets may graduate to full-fledged gadgets, and some may stay at the experimental stage while we gauge interest or revise the design.  Some might just fade quietly into the netherworld...

      So, if you have comments about (or ideas for) Labs Gadgets, feel free to post here.

      Getting your first SolarWinds Labs Gadget:

      • In Workspace Studio 10.2, notice the beaker icons in the top right of the application:



        • Click the beakers to get to the SolarWinds Labs Control Panel, and (if you have internet connectivity) you should see any new gadgets in the Available Gadgets section. 
        • Click the available gadget and select "Download" to get the new gadget
        • Once the gadget has been downloaded, it will move to the "Installed Gadgets" section. Click the enable link, and agree to the license agreement. 
        • Restart the Workspace Studio to get the new Gadget into the Gadgets tree.
        • If you don't want the gadget to appear anymore, simple click the disable link in the Installed Gadgets section of the Labs Control Panel, and then restart Workspace Studio to remove it from the gadgets tree.