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    SolarWinds Uses Your Ideas in v3.0

      Thank you, thwack enthusiasts, for your suggestions for improvements and enhancements to APM!

      We'd like to point out a few of the suggestions that we've heard and included in this release of APM as a direct result of your feedback. This is not an exhaustive list -- you guys are full of great ideas -- but we want you to know that SolarWinds listens. To see a complete listing of what’s included in APM 3.0, click on Orion APM 3.0 is now available and take a look at the Release Notes.

      Rock Thwack on!


      Unmanage applications


      You can temporarily suspend alerts and status for applications by unmanaging them. Specify the unmanaged application time frame, and the application is suspended for the duration. Additionally, applications for unmanaged nodes are also placed into an unmanaged state for the duration of the unmanaged node time frame.

      Disable components


      You can now disable unwanted component monitors instead of deleting them. Disabled components do not count against your license count, and are hidden on the view pages. Template settings inheritance still applies to any component monitors disabled within a template, and the disabled state propagates to any assigned application monitors.

      The group level capabilities have been expanded from one level of detail to three.


      Three levels of grouping in All Applications resource

          The group level capabilities have been expanded from one level of detail to three.

      New application alert variables


      New variables let you add more detail to your alert messages.

      • ${ComponentsWithStatus} - lists all components and their current status
      • ${ComponentsWithProblems} - lists any components in a down, unknown, warning, or critical state
      • ${Threshold-CPU-Critical}  
      • ${Threshold-CPU-Warning} 
      • ${Threshold-PhysicalMemory-Critical} 
      • ${Threshold-PhysicalMemory-Warning} 
      • ${Threshold-ResponseTime-Critical}  
      • ${Threshold-ResponseTime-Warning} 
      • ${Threshold-Statistic-Critical} 
      • ${Threshold-Statistic-Warning} 
      • ${Threshold-VirtualMemory-Critical}  
      • ${Threshold-VirtualMemory-Warning}


      More time periods in charts

      New monitors

      • SNMP OID Monitor - only supports numeric value
      • File Age Monitor - statistic: hours since the file was last modified
      • Performance Counter - Uses RPC instead of WMI. Requires port 445. Similar to running perfmon and selecting counters from a remote computer. 

      New templates

      • Lotus Domino Servers
      • Blackberry Enterprise server
      • Blackberry Delivery Confirmation
      • Cisco Call Manager
      • Windows Printer
      • Citrix template
      • SharePoint
      • Multiple Exchange 2007 (for different server roles)
      • MySQL template
      • Tomcat 5.x and 6.x template