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    Problem Monitoring Virtual Servers Using ESX - Net-SNMP


      I realize there are numerous other threads regarding issues viewing virtual servers running on ESX, but I haven't been able to find anything for my exact issue. We have 7 ESX servers. Several of them display the individual virtual server statistics perfectly like they are supposed to. The others show up as a normal physical server with no virtual server information at all.

      I've double-checked all of the views By Device Type stuff and it is set correctly. I believe the problem has something to do with Net-SNMP, but I'm not certain. The Machine Type for the boxes that aren't working shows up as net-snmp Linux. The Machine Type for the ones that are working is VMware ESX Server.

      I vaguely remember reading somewhere that SNMP may need to be udpated on the physical server itself. Can anyone verify? If so, can someone point me to directions on how to do this?