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    OLD - what we're working on


      NTA 3.6 is currently in RC.  Here's what's cooking in this release...

      1. Rate based stack charts - allow users to choose between percent interface speed, Kbps, percent of observed flows or total transfered per time unit (same as today)
      2. Port/IP application definition - allow users to use IP address(es) or ranges in combination with port(s) to define an application
      3. IP address group enhancements - ability to have multiple IPs and IP ranges in a single IP address group
      4. Top Talker optimization option - we've found based on several packet captures that 95% of the traffic volume may be represented in a little as 4% of flows.   This means if your primary use-case for traffic analysis is to get visibility into the Top talkers, you're storing a lot of unnecessary data in your database (impacting DB size and resource/report loading time).  Users will be able to enable traffic filtering and set this to X% (e.g. 95%), which means that only those flows that represent 95% of total traffic volume on your network will be stored. Make sense?