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    few remarks on Network Atlas


      Network Atlas have some improvements comparing Map Maker but I found that some things remain to fix yet in NA after NPM 9.5 SP2 upgrade with SP3. Opening of NA takes around 1 minute or even more sometimes.

      There are some default settings which I really need to change and there is lack of access to configure all global settings:

      • display of child status on maps is marked up as default - I prefere to have it unmarked for most maps;
        by default new links get status from both nodes/interfaces connected with line - I spend lot of time before to optimize interfaces monitoring to avoid redundant monitoring (I mean both terminations of the same cable) so I prefere to monitor only one interface - take status from one node as default;
      • there is possible to select default led for new object but would be better to select default graphics as well;
      • default line colour, thickness and style; should be decided by user if line for link goes to red when node goes down (interface remains unknown then so line does not change colour) or does not change colour;
      • default font (type, size and colour);
      • default label style;
      • default paths definition for maps, graphics etc. resources; if they are all in db is it possible to remove unnecessary folders?
      • to add imported graphics is a nighmare and is still time consuming operation - looks worse then in Map Maker.

      Changing font for multiple labels takes much longer then single one (when selected 3 labels - NA changed font the same time I did it manually for each one by one); still no way to change multiple label format (background, border etc.) - would be nice to have "copy format" button.

      Access to list of leds while clicking on led button at Home menu bar scroll down the list for over 15 seconds!!! Sucks! Unfortunately there is the only way to change leds for group of objects.

      Menu bar animations slow down performance of NA in general. And more ... menu bar - it is too large comparing space for map and left panel.

      It would help a lot to have an option to change graphics for group of objects (example: one picture for all servers).

      Lack of "change order" option - would be easier to compose map if I may send an object to back or to front when few objects are crossing their borders.

      When changing graphics for object - object size should left the same at least for one dimension.

      Graphic editor for background! There are lot of simple graphic tools to edit picture for background but it was very convenient and time saving functionality to resize and/or edit picture selected as a background within old MapMaker.

      Traffic figures ${InBps} and ${OutBps} are not rounded to 2 decimals as been promised at release notes.

      When editing Label properties and clicking at label text field then text in 2 rows changed into 1 row with (CR or LF) special character as separator.

      Zooming in a map and then zooming out causes mass in objects displacement - they need to be manually moved back to right places.

      Opened Object Properties window covers all Network Atlas map and I must close it and re-open to be sure what object I'm changing if any other window pop up suddenly (chat, e-mail, phone call etc.). It should appear at resizable window or as next tab.

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          Thank you for this response, this is terrific feedback.  Couple items to point out, not sure if you are aware of.  If you click on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner of Atlas and at the bottom of that menu select Network Atlas settings, in the popup under graphic styles you can change the default items here and some other general settings.  Regarding the menu bar you can change the ribbon behavior as well, if in the menu you right click in the ribbon area you can add a Quick Access Toolbar and add those items to there and well as choose the minimize option, try this and see what happens.

          I will take a look at some of the other items and we will continue to look at enhancing the product in the future

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            Another thing I've noticed and still haven't figured out why is...

            After I edit my background in visio and then save as either .jpg or .gif then use as the background and layout all of leds, circuit lines, etc.

            Later if I re-edit the original .vsd and do the same save as .jpg or .gif without changing any page size or anything... when I link to the updated background I just did the same save as on... after it imports into Network Atlas all my LED's and circuits are now offset from where I originally put them in relation to the background.  It seem like just editing the original visio and maybe removing one shape then doing the same save as I did originally wouldn't change relation to all my LED's and circuit lines, etc.... but it does.  I usually then have to do a select all and move all my LED's and circuit lines back into position on the background again.

            Why this occurs I still haven't been able to figure out... who knows?

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                Are you using the image as a background to a map or a linked background?

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                    I'm using image as a background.  It doesn't usually move all my LED's and interconnects by that much... more of an annoyance than anything.  It seems like when loaded the updated image as a background everything is offset by a certain amount.  I may be wrong but seems like when all I do is maybe remove one shape and re-save the visio and do the save as then just load the updated background image in that everything I've overlaid in atlas would be in the same place but it's always offset.... at this point I select all of my LED's and interconnects and move them so they align with the background again.

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                  Hello chaps..


                  I think it would be nice to add more OBJECT status that could affect the primary image on the map for a NODE not just the default status part...


                  For example in the screen-shot you can see the node gets it status from the node itself so if the node is DOWN [i.e] not responding the ICMP then it shows red, I would like to expand on that and have CPU usage and MEMORY usage for instance to change the status the node



                  If you need clarification on my idea please do let me know and I will be happy to explain in further detail but I reckon you get the picture.

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                      Just to add to this, I have noticed an issue with the Volume tags, please see the below screen shot


                      Screenshot from 2013-05-09 10:16:46.png

                      This is what I see when viewing on a web browser.. I am using firefox but I will try another browser in a moment, I can only assume that it is showing because the Volume is in a critical state..


                      Are you able to advise?