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    No data for selected time period

      I reinstall NTA on my server.  Netflow collector is up et i configure netflow on cisco device in the network.

      the problem is that i have no data if i do traffic view builder. I have following message 'No data for selected time period".

      I add netflow sources but the last data receive is never for all

      Somebody can help me to resolve this problem?


        • Re: No data for selected time period

          Hi NRoger,

          had you seen NetFlow data before you reinstalled NTA?

          Please try this steps to troubleshoot:

          1. Use WireShark at NTA box to confirm that NetFlow data exported to that machine

          2. Check ports on which NTA listen for data: Admin->NTA Settings->NetFlow Collector Services. Default port for Cisco devices in 2055, for some other 9995. You can specify several ports for collector delimiting them by commas (e.g 2055,9995)

          3. Under Admin->NTA Settings->Global settings check options:

          Enable automatic addition of NetFlow sources

          Allow monitoring of flows from unmanaged interfaces.

          If that won't help you to track the problem, please open ticket for Support at http://www.solarwinds.com/support/