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    FYI: NPM:: Post Upgrade 9.5 SP3



      We finally took the decision to upgrade from 9.1 to 9.5 yesterday. In the back of my mind I was expecting all sorts of issues but to be honest the upgrade when rather smoothly, besides for having to change the compatability level of the SQL database.

      A couple issues have been notice

      1) After a while the website become unresponsive , cant even get a login page and this is resolved by restarting the web service.

      2) When selecting edit for a map resource the map selected by default is the first one so even if you are just changing the zoom level you have to select the same map you want again otherwise when you save your map will be changed to the first in the list - although this is not always consistent and sometimes highlights the correct map.

      3) Under manage nodes it does not seem to follow through when trying to delete a node, you select the node , select the node, it confirms that you want to delete the node but doesnt actually delete it. You can unmanage it though.

      4) When unmanaging interfaces it also doesnt seem to take effect the first time and you have to do the same thing a couple times

      5) The ...BusinessLayer.exe process has jumped up from 9.1 at c5% to average at c60%. This causes my processor to however around 80% to 95% util.(must be noted that sql is still on the primary poller due to be moved off which adds some memory utilisation)

      6) When moving objects in Network Atlas labels still jump out of the way

      7) Slighty more space is used for the resources in the views due to the extra padding and outline by default while this looks a bit more refined it adds a bit would be nice if it was possible to specify the padding.

      8) Within Network Atlas it is not possible to size a label(Width and Height)

      9) Objects do not retain their dimensions in Network Atlas , the Width and Height might be the same but they do not line up or shrink and expand as you move them in relation to each other. ALso the Distribute Vertically doesnt seem to work

      10) The Zoom view affects the size of the objects slighty, you may have pieces of objects become visible or hidden depending on the zoom view. Presume this is because the objects are being scaled individually instead of as one object.



      Some Feature Requests

      Network Atlas

      1) Realy like the fact that Network Atlas has been ported off onto the client , think its great that we can get our staff to create maps without local access. It would be great if there was some granular permissions regarding the creation of maps like, abilty to edit exiting map, create new map, change map in resource.

      2) Ability to create background images within Network Atlas similar to visio when you can create a background , so that the objects do not move when you are editing the foreground.

      3) Ability to create simple objects within Network Atlas for example if you want a square box with adhoc dimensions you just drag a box drawing tool - network atlas would create the object and the different coloured object images.


      4) The resources on the summary pages almost look similar to the resources on google apps without the ability for the user to move or reposition the object. Would be a nifty feature if the functionality was there that would enable this, and save the position under the profile of the user. Probably a tall order:-)

      5) Again with the resources it would be great if you could allow the users the ability to unsnap a resource, so if the user is only interested in the nodes down resource they can unsnap it into its own little web page(no address bar etc)


      Overall enjoying the new features and still enjoying the product.