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    User role restrictions in IPAM


      I am attempting to assign IPAM user roles to some Orion web accounts, but I am not sure I understand the explanation of the various roles in the IPAM Admin Guide.

      In the section on pages 16 and 17 where it is describing the roles, what does "from portions of the network made available by the site administrator." mean? Is that referring to Orion user account limitations?

      The reason I ask is that I want to be able to limit access to certain subnets for a user account. Can I do this with IPAM?

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          No, you cannot do this today in IPAM.  IPAM has a set of roles so you can limit their actions or what they can do in the system against the entire system.  You cannot currently restrict what they can and cannot see yet, this is an open enhancement request for a future release.