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    cannot see thin clients on Cisco 4402 WLC


      I just installed version 9.5 SP3. All is well, but I am having some problems with data from a few Cisco 4402 WLCs that I am monitoring.

      Specifically, under the Controller Details and List of Thin Clients resources on the summary page, I see the message "Wireless device was not found in the database." The Node Details resource correctly identifies the Machine Type as "Cisco 4402 Wireless LAN Controller", but for some reason, this data is missing.

      I did notice that after some time, the controller details and thin client data will populate, but it goes away again later. Is this a bug, or is it indicative of the way the device reports this data to its MIB?

      I can get the data I want by using custom pollers, but I hatge to go to this trouble for data that Orion should already be collecting out of the box.

      Has anyone else seen this behavior? Could it be that the resource data is internittent due to the interval at which the controller MIB is updated with data?