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    SNMPv3 upgrade query


      Hi follks,

      does anyone know if I were to upgrade every device on my network (approx 2300) from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3; would there be any possible slow down if I were to enable encryption in version 3?

      Also, is there any other possible drain on NPM resources that can be related to the enhanced security features of SNMPv3?

      Are many people even using SNMPv3???


        • Re: SNMPv3 upgrade query

          Here's an update I received from SW themselves.

          "With version 9.5, we really haven't seen any issues with SNMPv3. There were issues in the past where the polling would lose the connection, but this was resolved.

          There are 3rd party apps that will allow SNMP v3 polling on  servers, but we don't support those at this time. "