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    Configuratuion of Alert Action - Net message

      Dear All,

      I have Orion 9.1 SP5 & want to configure advance alert on the same. I configured the criteria for the same and under action have configured Net message.

      While configuring net message i provided the ip address of the machine which needs to receive the alert. As long as i provide only 1 ip address to the alert action it works fine. But if i add more then 1 ip address ( separating using a comma as mentioned on the configuration window) it gives error and stops working


      123Failed - Error Code  - failed for alert <Alert name>.
      8/12/2009 17:33:37: Action type NetMessage for alert <Alert name> failed to complete successfully.
      8/12/2009 17:33:37: Completed action type NetMessage for alert <Alert name>.
      8/12/2009 17:33:37: Completed test for alert <Alert name>.

      Kindly help

      Thanks & Regards

      Vinod Dhure