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    2 vmxnet3 problems : reported with incorrect port speed and unknown status


      I'm using Orion 9.5 SP3 to monitor some virtual Windows servers runnning on vSphere \ ESX 4.0 cluster. Note: Orion is running on a vitual machine.

      I've just upgraded the vm machines to the version 7 of the virtual machine 'hardware' (including the Orion vm). This has allowed me to deploy the new virtual nic driver (vmxnet3 ) on these vm's

      I'm having 2 problems:

      1. vmxnet3  port speed is begin reported as either 1.4 or 4.3 gbps. The underlying physical nic is 1gbps.

      2. Some of the vmxnet3 nics have an unknown status.

      Any thoughts?