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    ERROR-Veiwing "Disk Volume" in Orion


      Upgrade to v9.5 SP3

      Now not able to veiw "Disk Volumes" with in the website...  Works fine viewing volumes in Performance monitor


      This is the error I get

      Your specfic error is:

      Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
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          mark wiggans

          Look into your Volumes Details view in the Admin section.  Most likely you will have EnergyWise views there, if so, remove those and anything else that does not belong for Volumes and you should be good.  We have an existing defect open on this.

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              Yes you are right...

              Solarwinds support got back to me with in in 30 minutes with the fix.

              If anyone else runs into the same problem here is the fix.   ( I did have to delete all 4)

              This is a known issue with Orion 9.5 where invaled resources get added to the Volume Details view.
              Can you please login to your website as admin and click Admin -> Managed Views.

              Select the Volume Details view and create a copy of this view.

              Edit the copy, and remove any of the following resources from the copy of this view:


              EnergyWise Policy Overview Calendar

              EnergyWise Interface Details

              Entity Power Consumption

              Maximum Traffic Today


              Click Preview and check for the view loading up correctly. If it does not load up correctly, you will need to continue to remove your other resources from the copy one by one, checking Preview each time, to determine if there are other resources also on the page causing this issue.


              Once you have determined the resources causing the issue, edit to the Volume Details view, and remove those same resources.