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    Engineers Toolset v10.2 Network Performance Monitor refuses to shutdown

      I have a consistent problem with Network Performance Monitor v9.07 within the Engineers Toolset V10.2.33.  When I go to shutdown, it hangs and the CPU utilization goes to 50% on a Windows XP SP2,Pentium Dual Core 2.49GHZ 1 gig ram. The computer has ABSOLUTELY nothing else (other than essential services)running. I have shutdown all no related processes.

      When Netperfmon runs CPU untilization for the process is 12% when I shutdown it consistently hags at 50% for the process and NEVER shuts down.

      I update the SW today from 10.0 to 10.2 with no resolve. My contact to support has also proved fruitless, so I hope that someone may have a fix for this issue. I think this is the root cause of a related database maintenance failure that I have seen.

      Please consider and comment as appropriate,