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    IP SLA UDP jitter RTT issue

      Hi all,

      I met an issue by using IP SLA UDP jitter. below is my configuration, the link bW is 256K SDH

      ip sla monitor 1
       type jitter dest-ipaddr dest-port 49009 source-ipaddr num-packets 50 interval 200
       request-data-size 16
       tos 160
       timeout 1000
       threshold 160
      tag jitter
      ip sla monitor schedule 1 life forever start-time now

      Below is part of show ip sla monitor operation 1

      NumOfOW: 50
      OWMinSD: 24     OWMaxSD: 26 
      OWMinDS: 24     OWMaxDS: 625    

      My issue is that normally the SD is quit stable but the DS is varied very offen, some time is 18-40ms, some time is 200-2000ms. I also found if there is not customer traffic the timer of SD and DS is same. the issue is occured only when the customer is working. Therefore the RTT is quit unstable.

      I have also checked the customer traffic capacity. From source to destination is around 5-10K, and from destination to source is around 40-100K. meaning the BW is not occupied by customer traffic.

      How can I realize the RTT is stable?

      I have confused for this issue for long time. Could anybody can help me solve this? Is there any unsuitable configuration?