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    Help with Advanced Alert on a Univeral Poller


      Ok I have been trying to get this work porperly but i am running into deadend repeatedly.

      I have a custom poller for OID  The OID returns raw values with a format of enumeration. I have done the map values for the raw value and it comes back with 1 - idle and 2 - running.

      I have this OID showing in the 5 nodes and the chart show it as 2.  That is fine we know what 2 means, i wish it would say idle or running though but that is another thread.

      What i am trying to do is to get an alert based on the OID.  I have tired so many combinations and none of them report.

      I have the following so far.

      trigger alert when all of the following apply

      Poller Name is equal to dylogicPsemsStatus

      Here is where i have tried so many combinations i am not sure.

      Any help would be great.



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          Hi Tom,

          I use custom pollers regularly with Advanced alerts and they work great using the following method.

          If you are trying to create an alert based on the output value of your undp(let's say '1' or 'idle').One of the ways you can build the trigger is as follows. Note: below is an example of one of my own trigger.

          "trigger alert when all of the following apply

          MIB is equal to ISDN-MIB:isdnBearerOperStaus

          Rate is equal to 4"

          Where the rate is the value returned from the device when it is polled on the specified  OID.

          If this is not what you're looking for or it doesn't work for you let me know