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    Request: Alerting Organization

      I'm not sure if this has been requested before, but it would be nice to have some sort of organization available in the "Basic Alert" and "Advanced Alert" sections.  Currently, as far as I can tell, they are just thrown in there in the order you create them.  At the very least being able to sort them alphabetically, and perhaps some sort of categorization / tree structure would be nice.


      Edit:  I guess Advanced Alerts already organizes them alphabetically, but basic doesn't appear to.  Regardless it would be nice for a little more organization options.

        • Re: Request: Alerting Organization

          I generally label my advanced alerts according to the "Type of Property to Monitor". For example, simple up/down alerts get a Node: prefix whereas an alert for an application would get an APM: prefix. The rest of the label breaks it down further from there but this seems to work well enough for me.