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    Add a Visual Indicator of threshold status on Gauges

      A visual indicator that a theshold has been reached on the Gauge tool would be useful.

      This could be implemented by changing the color of the needle when in "Warn" or "Critical" or/and

      Add a warn or critical dot/symbol on ht needle or elsewere on the gauge and/or

      Adding a color background to the portion of the Gauge that lists the speed and/or

      change the background color or add a background bar that indicates when the gauge is in "normal" "warn" or "critical"


      When viewing multiple gauges color status indicators would make it much easier to see problems.

      Look at how you implement color indicators in your IP Monitor program, which gives administrators a quick indicator of problems.



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          Thanks for the feedback!  The gadget's status indicator should go from green to yellow to red as the value passes from normal into warning into critical.  Is this what you're seeing?  If you look at the screenshot, the left gauge is in warning state, which causes the gauge gadget's status to go into warning (the yellow globe icon), which bubbles up to the tab.  When you have multiple gadgets on multiple tabs, it makes the tabs tree on the left a quick and easy way to discover what went wrong.

          Are you saying that the threshold status should be more "bold" on the gauge itself when in warning or critical state?  I want to make sure I understand what you're asking.