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    Trouble interpretting Netflow data stats.  They appear to be twice as much as expected.


      I'm sure this is just me being thick.  I'm new to Netflow and am clearly missing something obvious so my apologies.

      I have 2 servers separated by a 1.57Mbps WAN link.  We have a schedule data replication which maxes out the link for almost exactly 12 hours. (6pm-6am)

      A Bandwidth calculator tells me that a 1.57Mbps link can transfer a max of 706.5MBs per hour.

      706.5MBs x 12 hours

      = circa 8.5GB (roughly)

      Netflow reports the traffic in this 12 hour period to be a tad under 16GB, roughly double.

      Am I reading this wrong, configured things wrong, or has orion summarised it, or something else ?