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    Alerts not working


      I've been trialling NPM for almost the 30 days now and loving it, but only this week have been testing the alerts and it seems they're not working.

      I can see the events occuring in the Current Events tab in the alert manager, and some of them even say Alert Triggered, however the action never occurs, there are no alerts in the NPM Alert screen and I also added sending an email which works in testing, but doesn't get sent when the alert is supposedly trigegred.

      Any ideas what could be causing this? I've tried restarting services and even gone as extreme as re-configuring Orion using the Configuration Wizard.

      It's crucial that these alerts work before we make our purchase, as the whole idea is to have proactive monitoring of clients' systems.

      Thanks in advance.

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          I have been using NPM for some time now and about 2 revisions ago (upgrade from NPM 9.1 to 9.5 timeframe) I experienced this same issue with the basic alerts. I never did find an answer to why the basic alerts fail, but my workaround may help.

          Under active alerts in NPM, I removed all the basic alerts and configured ALL of my alerts under the Advanced Alerts section. For some reason the advanced alerts will trigger the emails where the Basic alerts would not.

          I am not saying this will fix your particular install, but it may be worth a shot at least.

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              I've just recently installed NPM 9.5, and I'm working on the alerts now.  I couldn't get Advanced Alerts to send email, so I went and configured them in the Basic Alerts section.  That seemed to kill all alerting, especially on the Web interface.

              After reading this post, I went back and killed the Basic alerts and enabled everything in Advanced, and it still wasn't working.  Then I bounced the Alerting Engine in Service Manager, and it's all working well now.

              I'm wondering if I freaked it out by having basic and advanced alerts configured at the same time.