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    Monthly Netflow Reports question and software development suggestion



      Is it possible to create monthly reports with NTA?

      I have a need to create a monthly report that includes the following:

      1. General Network Activity Summary (Total bytes in/out, traffic peaks, etc.)
      3. Top Network Activity Services
      4. Top Network Activity Sources
      5. Top Network Activity Sources and their Top Destinations
      6. Top Network Activity Sources and their Top Services
      7. Top Network Activity Destinations
      8. Top Network Activity Destinations and their Top Sources
      9. Top Network Activity Destinations and their Top Services
      10. Network Activity by Direction (Total in/out connection and total bytes)
      11. Network Activity by Date (Can be weekly)
      12. Network Activity by Day of the Week (Average connection/bytes on the Monday's, Tuesday's, etc... of the month)
      13. Network Activity by Hour of the Day (Average connections/bytes at different hours)

      I do not know if any of this is possible on a monthly basis, but I would welcome any help if it is.  I tried to write a report in the Orion report writer, but that only allows you to query on the last 24 hours of NTA data.

      Some background - and this may help shed light on why I need this data:

      This is supposed to be a monthly 'Firewall Report', but I am running ASA firewalls and NetFlow is not fully supported with NTA and the ASA's.  Since the requirements of 'Firewall Report' are all covered on NetFlow data received from my router, it will work.

      Continued background/development suggestion:

      All of data needed above as well as much more is obtainable using software made by ManageEngine called Firewall Analyzer.  More impressively, this software works directly with the Cisco ASA (as well as other firewalls), however, the tech support I have received during our trial has been TERRIBLE.

      I really like the functionality as well as the support I have receive from SolarWinds and would like to continue using their products for my needs described above.  If the data collection described above is not obtainable with a current SolarWinds product, I think it would be great if they were further devolop the NTA or develop a firewall analyzer of their own.

      There have been many posts about Orion NTA compatibility with ASAs, and I think a SolarWinds product that is compatibile with the ASAs and capable of generating NetFlow type reports would have a large interest.