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    To add Oracle10G process of AIX server

      respected Sir,
         I am trying to add oracle 10g Process on Apm.2.5

      I have install net-snmp on AIX server.

      i have added resource device from AIX server to NPM.

      but when i add process from AIX server via SNMP-Process under APM,it shows following error :Timeout while waiting for job result.

      otherway round
      I tried to add through Assign Application Monitors > select oracle as process,here It shows error:
      Testing on node watsonbwd: failed with 'Undefined' status
      The Oracle Client software must be installed to use the Oracle Database Monitor. This software can be downloaded from the SolarWinds Customer Portal under Additional Components.
      I re-checked after installing oracle client from solarwinds site.
      I get the same error back.
      kindly provide support to add oracle 10G process from AIX server.