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    Email attempt failed for alert in "Test Fire Alert"

      I have created and advanced alert with the following trigger conditions:

      Trigger Alert when all of the following apply

           Node Status is equal to Down

           Triger Alert when any of the following apply

                field DNS is equal to value <server1>

                field DNS is equal to value <server2>

                field DNS is equal to value <server3>

      I created two trigger actions:  email and windows event log.  When I test the alert using the "Test Alert Trigger" in "Test Fire Alert"  the event log is written to sucessfully, but I get the following error regarding the email trigger action:

      Email attempt faied for alert ...


      Could not prepare the action for action type EMail to test alert.

      I have verified the following:

      1)  My basic alerts are using the same SMTP and alerts are being sent out successfully

      2)  I have telneted into port 25 from my Orion server to the SMTP server successfully.