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    How to display poller results

      I am really new to Solarwinds and I need some help.

      I have read in the admin guide where and how to setup UnDPs, but it is kicking my **** here. I was able to download and import a couple of cool Dell UnDPs from this site, but I am unable to display them on the website correctly. When I am the UnDP Console I can see the Poll Results as I want to display them, but when I right-click the defined pollers  and select web display, it only lets me display the Service tag and other pollers in a gauge that does not even display it right. I wish to display about 12 Defined Dell pollers in a Table like the device details table. How can I get this done?

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          Some UnDPs are displayed best as a particular type of web resource. Of course, if the poller is a table based one, you need to display it as a Table. You can right click on the poller in the UnDP app and choose Web Display to select this.

          Typically, there is one resource that I like the best for the web site because it assembles all the assigned pollers for a node in one nice, concise list. It is the "Universal Device Poller Status" resource. You can find it under the Node Detail Reports grouping in a details type view.

          Hope this helps.