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    Importing from Engineer's Edition Toolset

      I have about 300 subnets in IP Address Manager from the Engineer's Edition Toolset. 

      I used this procedure to import them:

      1. Made a copy of IP-Address-Management.IPDB from toolset
      2. Renamed it IP-Address-Management.MDB
      3. Opened with Access
      4. Exported the subnet table to an Excel spreadsheet
      5. Removed all the columns except  SubnetAddress,  SubnetMask and Name
      6. Imported this into IPAM

      During the import, there is no option to map the SubnetMask or Name fields...not good.  The result is 300 subnets listed as "Orphaned IP's"  I have to enter the CIDR and Name MANUALLY before they show up properly in IPAM.