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    Orion Full version: The perfect install


      I searched in this forum any comments regarding the installation on the orion. Could anyone dream a leave me comments regarding a full installation? (Something like 2 servers for orion with hot stand by and another 2 servers for SQL server with RAID configuration, etc.

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          i have to saym i am fond iof my install

          2 x HP proliant DL580 G5, 4 x quad core 2.5ghz cpus in each, 20GB ram, MSA1500 SAN.

          VMware ESXserverrunning both ina HA cluster

          hosted on here is

          1 x core NPM application and poller, running voip,NTA, NCM, APM, voip
          2 x additional pollers (one with APM module)
          1 x additional web server

          database is running on a active passive 64but SQL cluster running on 2 HP proliant DL380 G5's,with twin procand 16GB RAM
          MSA 500 SAN with 12 x 146GB disks in a mirror,and 2 x 300GB disks in amirror for trans logs

          i have around 8000 elements so far but will be a lot higher in the next month

          i willbe buying 2 new pollers very roon to run on the 580 G5s

          It is a beast, and i love solarwinds!!!!