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    Netflow is not detected on the selected interface

      I have an older 2651XM router running IOS 12.3(16)

      I have configured my serial interface with ip flow ingress.  I have also configured my ip flow-export destination IP address and port number 2055.  When I do a show ip flow export, it shows that it is exporting to the correct IP address and port, shows the number of flows exported and the number of udp datagrams.  But on the Netflow realtime monitor, it get the error message "Netflow is not detected on the selected interface"   I have a 6500 that is working fine.  Now there is a firewall between my netflow collector and the 2600 router, but I have allowed 2055 to the collector IP address.  I know the firewall is working because the 6500 is working.  Do I need to have a newer IOS on this router?  I have configured it to use version 5.