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    Feature Request: NPM:: Mapping and Tables




      I have not yet upgraded from 9.1 to 9.5 but im sure this feature request has not made it into the new version(as its the first time i bring it up:-)

      Essentially it would be usefull to create/add a table into a map.

      The user would then have the option of number of columns and rows. You could give the option to choose the type of content for a column/cell. With regards to the reported availability it would be good for responsiviness if these were only delivered to the web view once the report was finished being run rather than having a blank page until the report was run - especially if you are using it as a NOC screen or management dashboard.

      I tried doing some of the elements myself as depicted in the picture , however it was very frustrating trying to draw what looked like a table. I used labels to build the table however everytime you move an object(the status colours) all the labells would randomly move. Also the objects resize and dont maintain there dimensions. So essentially I had to size and place my objects as best i could and then move the lables into position. Heaven help me if I need to add another row or column to the example.


      Each Row represents a grouping of objects , at the moment the only way to do this is by putting them on a map.


      Column 1:                  Column2:          Column3:         Column4:        Column 5:              Column 6:

      Area                        Colour Status      24h Avail        7 Day Avail      Devices Down   Dev High Response

      Network Status        

      VPN Status

      BMS Status

      Security Status


      DNS Status

      Email Status








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          So when you drilled down you would drill to a map?  Have you thoughts about creating a custom HTML resource?  

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              Well you would drill down into a map if the content of the cell was a map object, if you clicked on the figure in the 24 Hour Availability you would potentially get a graph that represented availability over the 24 hour period.

              Custom HTML sounds like a lot of coding that would need to be done and i would still probably only manage to produce a table with my little to no webprog experience however the elements within the cells would be the difficult part, map element easier, availability and counts more difficult.(well for me)

              Its all good having the ability to make good looking summary pages with nice graphics etc however management are interested in the overall health and availability of services / information systems as a whole. A map status colour isnt really worth a thousand words and sometimes needs complementary information to inform the user if it is worth drilling down further.