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    Mistake in Orion v9.5 manual?


      In perusing the Orion 9.5 admin guide, I may have found an inaccuracy.

      On page 88, the Default Rediscovery Interval is defined thus:

      "Your entire network is polled on the Default Rediscovery Interval to detect the addition or deletion of any network devices. By default, this interval is 30 minutes."

      I thought that Orion cannot actually "detect" added devices. Does rediscovery just update information in the database on elements that are already being monitored by Orion?

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          This has already been corrected in the latest version of the Orion NPM Administrator’s Guide.



          Maybe you're looking at an older version?

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              Yes, I was using an older version. Sorry.

              So, would an Orion Rediscovery be able to update say the serial number for a replaced NIC in a workstation as an example? Is that how rediscovery works?

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                  freemen, thank you for pointing out a place where we could add some more info to the Admin Guide.

                  If you are swapping in a new NIC, you will need to add the new interface for monitoring using Web Node Management. Since it has a different MAC address, Orion NPM will view it as a completely new or different device and effectively ignore it until it is added for monitoring.

                  Once you add the NIC for monitoring, in order of frequency:

                  1. NPM will ping it on the Default Interface Poll Interval to confirm status and response time.
                  2. Assuming it is up and responsive, NPM will ping it on the Default Interface Statistics Poll Interval to collect device info in the database.

                  The Default Rediscovery Interval is really most applicable in the case of a router with a large number of interfaces that are all monitored by NPM and occasionally re-indexed by the router itself. In this event, NPM corrects the 'known' interface index on the Default Rediscovery Interval.

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                      Thanks for the imput pacetti. Let em see if I understand the limitation on the Rediscovery interval.

                      Are you saying that Rediscovery does not simply update information in the database for any OID that it is already polling? Is it really limited to re-indexed information on routers and switches?

                      If that is the case, I see no reason why the average user should not just set this interval to the maximum.