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    Filtering nodes in graph...


      I want to plot a graph for the overall network traffic. we have a main core switch and all other switches are connected to it. if we generate the graph for the  overall network traffic for last month, it's giving the traffic  of core switch + the traffic which is connected to the core switch.

      but this is wrong data.  the result should be either from the core switch or from all other switches connected to core switch (excluding core switch)


      how can i get the graph  for this..?

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          You can use View Limitations to create a view that has only the devices you want. 

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              That is for web customization. I  think you are not getting my point..

              If we open system manager, at the left side there is a tree called  "Network wide summary charts"  under this there is one more option called "total bytes transferred over entire network"

              I want to plot a graph for selected nodes only for last month in day wise.

              can you elaborate please?.


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                  There's no way to limit that graph in System Manager.  You can get the equivalent graph on the web.  The easiest way is to go to your menu bar and add the Network Trends view.  That view includes a number of network-wide graphs, including the one you want. 

                  Now, by default, that view includes all of your devices and is network wide.  If you want to exclude some devices, customize that view and add a View Limitation.  The graph takes its scope from the view, so if the view leaves out certain devices, the graph will do so too.

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                      Thanks denny, that worked. but still has some doubts..

                      the chart is not completely customizable like in system manager, The "point lable orientation"(vertical,horizontal)   I cannot see in web, so that I can get the day in x axis like (1,2,3,4...31). and also choosing color,style etc..

                      And there is no "errors& discards" chart for last month..?