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    SNMP stops polling Orion NPM 9.5 sp3

      Here is a bizare one for you guys :)


      Just installed the lates Orion NPM 9.5 sp3 and running into an odd problem. The historical  data is available for network interfaces but SNMP polling randomly stops for all objects (drives, cpu, memory). You can see real-time stats but no historical data. Also if you look in the polling stats the SNMP OUTSTANDING goes through the roof and SNMP statistics index shows 0 out of %number of polls%. The problem goes away after the server is rebooted or services restarted.


      Its a Windows 2008 Server running on VMWare.

      Tried disabling Anti-Virus

      Windows firewall is off

      CPU and RAM utilization appear to be normal

      Any ideas?

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          The issue was related to Windows server 2008. After moving to Windows 2003 server SNMP works correctly. However now the NPM service randomly stops :)

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            We are running NPM 9.5 SP4 and have a similar problem in terms of "SNMP OUTSTANDING' going through the roof.  After the poller runs for a few hours we continue to see graphs for status polls but the graphs for interface statistics stop updating and "SNMP OUTSTANDING" shows in the thousands or higher.  Stopping and restarting the poller services fixes it for a while, but then it just happens again.  I know our SQL server is under-powered and I'm trying to get some input from SOMEBODY (Josh? Anybody?) as to what specs of hardware we should shoot for. But even at times when the SQL server is doing pretty well, we keep "losing" the interface statistics graphs.  Any ideas?

            NPM SLX License v9.5 SP4

            Windows Server 2008

            node polling: 300 sec

            interface polling: 600 sec

            volume polling: 300 sec

            rediscovery every 60 minutes

            statistics collected every 10 minutes for nodes, 10 minutes for interfaces, and 15 minutes for volumes

            30 days detailed statistics retention

            60 days hourly retention

            180 days daily retention

            120 days events retention

            1600 nodes

            5151 interfaces

            135 volumes

            NTA v3.5 SP2

            Monitoring about a dozen routers

            SQL Server 2005 Standard running on Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard 64-bit