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    Node Details - Change Views by Device


      Hi Everyone,

      Currently running NPM 9.5 (new installation...new to support).  I have searched for an answer to this question, but so far have not found what I need.

      In our SW console, we have 3 main groups of devices:

      • Cisco Switches
      • Windows Servers
      • APC UPS's

      However, when I click on a Node, I would like a different Node Details report to appear, that is relevant to the type of device in question.

      For example, I have customized the view for Network  relevant reports...which works great when I click on a Cisco Device.  But when I click on a Windows Node, I get the same reports...when I would rather get more items that apply to Windows, such as Physical\Virtual Memory usage, Volumes, etc.

      I tried to create a new Node Details View...which I was able to do....now how to I get that view to open, when a Windows Device is selected??  (NOTE:  I tried the Views by Device page, and for Windows devices, changed it to the new view...but the standard one (for Cisco) keeps appearing.

      I know I must be doing something wrong.  Any help would be great.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Are you running a different account besides the admin account?  If so, you might want to check that your account is set up to use 'View by Device Type' in its settings.

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              Actually I finally figured it out today.  When I was looking at my Accounts (including my own) I noticed the Device View said "Missing", even though in the account it was set to "By Device Type".

              I ended up having to go into each account, and change the view to "None" and save it.  Then had to go back in, and change it to "By Device Type".  This finally registered it for all accounts, and allowed me to then see the sample reports I had been creating.

              All in all...a real head scratcher...particularly since I had no errors.