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    solarwinds network atlas

      I have a problem with network atlas.  I am trying to delete a map that i have made on network atlas, but it keeps giving me an error saying that "Map could not be deleted, it is in use by "adminrl" on computer since 7/29/2009". 

      I was RDP to the server when i was making this map and then log off.  I log back in using network atlas from my DESKTOP after that i log back out again since it was giving me all kinds of problems.  So i RDP to my server to do the maps again but it started giving me the error.  Here is the things i have done so far.


      I rebooted the server still saying its lock.

      i rebooted my desktop but it still saying it is lock.

      I shut down my desktop since that is the machine that suppose to be the culprit causing the lock but still no luck. 

      I have unistall and reinstall the network atlas program but the map are still there and i still cant delete it because it is lock.


      My question is where are my maps stored so i can directly delete it and also what am i doing wrong with network atlas "is this a common bug"