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    Import/export  Mib files...



      can we  import/export some Mib files. actually I have to monitor

      sunfire x4150 servers temperature, they have provided a drivers CD

      which contains a Mib file for that server, through which we can monitor

      cpu,harddisk etc... temperature also.

      assigning  a Mib to a particular server.

      Is there any option for adding Mib to solarwinds or universal device pollers .?

      I know some sunfire mibs are there in universal device poller. but if we provide

      the manufacturers Mib we can get more info..  :)

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          Mib files can be updated by submitting your mib files that aren't currently in Solarwinds to Solarwinds via a support ticket.  They update their MIB def file weekly and provide it on their website.  Once you download and update your Mib file on your Orion box you will have the latest and greatest.  Even if the Mib is not loaded yet..if you know the OID you want to poll via UnDP you can still add it manually.