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    Exporting Elements


      Does anyone know how I can export all of the elements I am monitoring in Solarwinds to a .csv file?



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          Yes, if you use Report Writer to create a new inventory report, you can select which fields you'd like to appear on the report such as Node Name and IP Address. Make sure it's displaying the information you're looking for and click File menu > Export > Export to Comma Delimited File.

          For future reference, you'll probably want to post questions like these in the Orion Network Performance Monitor forum which is a more appropriate venue.

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              From one of our Development team:



              In general, you can dump a database table to a tab-delimited text file (this format is more robust than csv and Excel can read both just fine) with a command like this:


              bcp NetPerfMon..Nodes out test.txt -T -c


              That will dump the “Nodes” table from the “NetPerfMon” database to text.txt in ascii tab-delimited format (-c) using Windows authentication (-T). What tables you want to dump depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The bcp.exe utility is distributed with SQL Server.