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    Problem Adding F5 Big IP System

      I am having problems when trying to add an F5 Big IP system into Orion NPM.  NPM is not able to determine the name of the device, what type of device it is, nor is it able to determine that the vendor is F5.  Those fields are all blank.

      From what I've read it looks like F5 does not put all of this standard information into the MIB-II but instead puts it into their enterprise MIBs but I still don't have a real good understanding of MIBs and SNMP from that perspective so I may not be understanding their documents correctly.

      In any case, has anyone had any experience in trying to add a Big IP system from F5 into Orion NPM and been able to successfully pull this information?

      If I can get NPM to recognize the vendor, then I can build a custom view for these devices which will allow me customize the information presented since I can't get an interface list or monitor CPU utilization through the standard MIBs but again must rely on their enterprise MIBs.

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          My F5 Big IPs are detected without a problem.

          What version/SP of Orion NPM are you running?

          What is your Big IP model and software version?

          Have you downloaded the latest copy of the MIBs (available in your customer portal)?

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            If you are running old 4.5 code on F5..the vendor will not detect as F5.  I believe mine detected as a Linux box.

            If you are running v9 code, you should be ok and you may want to check your Orion install.

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                We are running Orion NPM version 9.0 SP2.

                The F5 is a Big-IP 8400 running version "BIG-IP 9.4.4 Build 73.1 Hotfix HF1".

                When I poll it with NPM I get a response but the "Machine Type" is "Unknow", it does not recognize the vendor, and other SNMP standard information such as "System Name" and "Location" is not populated.

                Also, I am not getting a reading on the CPU utilization on the Node Details view.

                If I could get NPM to recognize the vendor in this case, I could change the default view for the device and customize it with the different pollers, which would fix a lot of my problems.

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                Ok...I have the answer.  It turns out I interpreted the F5 documentation a bit too literally when doing the initial configuration and I set it up on the Big-IPs so that NPM could only poll the F5 enterprise MIB.


                Once I relaxed my config a bit and specified an OID of just ".1", everything took like a charm, although I had to delete the current devices and re-add them.


                I guess that's what you get when you hand a newbie the books and tell him to add a new device to NPM!! :)