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    Installing Solar Winds on an isolated/secure network


      I need to install NPM on an isolated network with no Internet connectivity.  I think this means I have to manually register my license key, correct?  So I go to our customer portal and I see all of our products listed there, with a link that says "Manually Register License".  I click on that link, and it asks me to enter my name, the computer name and the program serial number.  I don't have the program serial number, so I follow another link that says "Cannot find the Program Serial Number?", and this is where I get confused.  The link takes me to the following page:


      First off, I can't find a link for Software Keys on our Customer Portal or in the Suport page.  Some other instructions read "You can find your program serial number by clicking Skip this, and enter Software License Key now on the SolarWinds Network  Management Tools window."  But where is this "SolarWinds Network  Management Tools window"?  And I don't see any options to "Skip this".

      I'm confused...


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          During the install of a production version of NPM (a non-evaluation version), you should see a popup asking for your customer ID and password, and other details to download your lciense key.


          On an isolated network, you can't downlaod the key automatically from our key server, so you will need to click 'Skip This". You'll be presented with the Hostname of the server,and a serial number for the product. Note these down.

          On a server with Internet connectivity log into your customer portal, click "Register your software", and click the 'Manually register license" link. You'll need to enter the hostname, serial number, and some additional details here - your name, company etc, then you can generate the Key.

          Copy the key into the space provided in the licensing screen and you should be good to go. If you're still having trouble, submit a ticket to us using our online ticketing form here: www.solarwinds.com/support