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    Which alerts for a new customer?

      We have installing a complete network for a large client.

      The client will have 11 sites connected via Vpn links.

      They have asked us to provide alerting as per recommendations.

      These are the things that I think that they would require:

      High link utilisation

      Trunk link failures

      Wan links down

      Devices down or rebooted


      Power supply issues

      HSRP changes(running eigrp on network)

      Possibly some traps on spanning tree changes.

      If anyone has any input on alerting for customers or what you already use within your networks

      that would be really useful.




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          You may also want to include device temperature if that can be polled.

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            Spanning tree could be a very chatty alert.

            You might want to include syslog criticals coming off any important equipment.

            High utilization might be tough to do on VPN sites depending on their connection and their setup.  IE if you are monitoring a device witch connects to a DSL modem that 10/100 interface will never have a high utilization.

            In my general experience too many alerts is as bad as not enough as it will cause people to ignore them and when something important happens it gets ignored.

            Just my 2 cents.