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    Custom View containing bandwidth charts for multiple links



      I am trying to create a custom view that I can add to the menu bar that displays bandwidth charts for all of our MPLS and T1 circuits.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!




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          We have created a custom view of bandwidth utilization on all WAN circuits in our network by placing a view limitation on the summary report resource called "Percent Utilization on All Interfaces".  Limiting the view to a "Group of Interfaces" allows us to place a check mark next to any specific router interface we want to report on.  This allows us to see current bandwidth utilization across all WAN interfaces in our network at a glance(see attached image).  I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "bandwidth charts", but if you are referring to graphs over a particular time period (say, the last 24 hrs.), these too can be displayed in a single view.  The implementation is more complicated, as you would have to create a custom HTML resource for each graph on the page by copying the HTML source code from each interface's detail page and then pasting it into the resource.  You would have to repeat this step for every circuit to be displayed, which could involve a lot of work if you are dealing with a large network.  The view displayed below contains live links, so if an engineer sees a circuit with high utilization a single click on the interface will take him or her to the details page for that interface which contains multiple graphs anyway, such as percent utilization over varying time periods, errors, bytes transferred, etc.

          Hope this helps. . .



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            I like what you did there cjn9045, it's always nice to see how people are customizing their views. I just created a quick one like that from your suggestion. It would be nice if on the same page you could filter multiple columns if that makes sense.

            Memnoch25...I've created what I think you're after and can lend a hand if need be. There is an article somewhere related to it on the site. Basically I created a custom view using 2 columns with 600 width each.

            Add a resource to a column.
            Select Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous Resources
            Select Custom HTML
            Click Submit

            Now copy this as many times as you want in each column. The way I'm currently doing it is having a "today" view in column 1 and a "weekly" view in column 2. All my WAN links just scroll down.

            Now view the page, it will look pretty boring until you add some custom HTML which you doing by clicking "edit".

            The easiest way to get the code for the graphs you want is to go into the interface on the web console you want to put on your page. Select the time frame you're looking for and then "detach" the resource so the graph is in a page by itself. You do this by clicking on the title.

            View the source code on the html page. Here's an idea of what you should be looking for:

            <img src="/Orion/Netperfmon/Chart.aspx?ChartName=MMAvgBps&Title=&SubTitle=&SubTitle2=&Width=640&Height=0&NetObject=I:1258&CustomPollerID=&SampleSize=5M&Period=Today&FontSize=1&NetObjectPrefix=I&SubsetColor=&RYSubsetColor=&Printable=true" />

            Hope this helps. There's a post or 2 out there related to how people customize but I always like seeing more. I'll try and post a pic.