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    Latest SCP Test Takers


      So has anyone taken the exam since it went public and what was your take on the exam? Any advice for those of us who haven't taken the test? Were the videos and webcasts helpful or is good ole hands on training with the Solarwinds products more helpful and some networking knowledge. I didn't see a post on what people thought about the test so thought I would try and get some ideas on how you felt about it.

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          Hi crwchief6,

          As with any exam your real-world experience is going to greatly influence your test experience.  I've been working in technology for more almost two decades and done cerifications ranging from CCNA to CISSP in  my time.

          I did the exam and found it appropriately challenging.

          For exam preparation I used Josh's videos and the exam prep guide. In terms of order of importance I would rank them like this:

          1.  Hand's on device and Orion administration.

          2.  Exam Prep guide with example questions.

          3.  Josh's video series.

          I would not attempt the exam without a checkbox next to all three of those items, even if it's just an Orion eval server in a very small test network.

          One of the things I liked about the test itself is all of the questions are very straight-forward and concisely written.  I used to hate those half-page scenario questions on those MSFT exams.  The example questions in the prep guide are a really good indicator of how the questions on the exam are written.

          Hope that helps!


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            Thanks BillFitz,

            I would like to think I know Orion pretty well since I have used it for over 2 years so that part of the test I feel comfortable with. Its all the other networking questions that had me guessing on how much to study for it. I know most of the test is geared toward Orion(at least thats what I heard). I guess as long as you have basic networking knowledge you can pass the other sections of the test. I've been studying in the order you suggested so I know I'm on the right path. Taking tests just makes me nervous and I tend to forget things once I start. Oh well, we will see.

            Thanks again.

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              Just an FYI:  1/3 of the exam is geared towards Orion and 2/3 is geared towards network management knowledge.

              Just wanted you to know what to expect when you go to test.

              Good luck!

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                Took the exam yesterday afternoon and found it challenging and a bit strange, I was expecting a lot more Solarwinds NPM questions and not so many of the real world network troubleshooting type questions.

                Thankfully I did a 4 day Solarwinds training course last week which helped me with a number of questions from the exam.

                I don't think you could pass the exam by not having any real world Network Management experience as a couple of the questions were tricky and spent a while re-reading before answering.

                But I passed and thats all that matters.

                It would be good to see further certification on more specific product knowledge and possibly an extension into config management also.

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                  Hola a todos!

                  Tomé el examen hace unos días y felizmente puedo reportarles que aprobé! 

                  Para prepararme utilicé solamente los videos de training de Josh y algunos webcast de los que sugieren como material adicional. Ah y tambien un vistazo a la SCP Preparation Guide fue de mucha ayuda para darme una idea del tipo de preguntas y la orientacion que tendrian.

                  He tomado bastantes examenes de certificacion de otras marcas como Cisco, Websense, Fortinet, y puedo comentarles que este es un examen muy bien elaborado. A diferencia de los otros mencionados, este examen no contenia errores de "Typo" o respuestas obviamente incorrectas o confusas. Si hay algunas preguntas algo rebuscadas, pero es evidente la intencion de quien creó el examen, de probar las respuestas entregadas por el candidato para buscar comprobar la experiencia real en ambientes de Administracion de Redes (la cual afortunadamente poseo, o no hubiera pasado!...je, je!) 

                  Definitivamente me hubiera gustado saber algo más de detalles sobre la calificación del examen, para ver en que fallé e informarme/educarme más en ese respecto, pero como dijo jonchill, lo importante es que pasé!

                  Excelente trabajo Ingenieros!

                  P.S. Sorry for writing in spanish this comment, but I think there is more need for posting in spanish in thwack, for the latinamerican fellows out there!

                  P.S.2. I love my SCP Mug!

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                    Hola Elias,

                    Felicidades por tu certificacion!

                    Thanks for the spanish post, we definitely want all our spanish speaking clients to be at home on thwack!

                    Hasta luego!

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                      took the exam for the second time this morning.....i failed again waaaaaaaaaah lowest grade: solarwinds ORION :(

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                        Sorry to hear that :( 

                        How did you do on the other sections?  The Learning Center page for Orion has 6 different videos to assist in studying.  Have you checked them out yet?


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                          took the exam for the second time this morning.....i failed again waaaaaaaaaah lowest grade: solarwinds ORION :(

                          Ouch. Which part makes your head ache? (aside from the result)

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                            Guys ... goin to apear on 15th of jan ,..... any advise will be reallly appreciated

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                              Network Management Fundamentals: 80%

                              Network Management Planning: 72%

                              Network Management Operations: 90%

                              Network Fault and Performance Troubleshooting: 60%

                              Orion NPM Administration: 61%

                              Status: Failed


                              Actually, the exam was a lot easier compared to the beta exam. Read the questions thrice but still failed. :(


                              --jedski from manila

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                                olats? strike two? $300?

                                You scare me pare

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                                  I took this test on Xmas eve and passed.   Harder than I thought it would be.  A lot of "if you can ping but Orion says its down then what should you do" type questions.

                                  I only recieved a paper that said passed with no detail as to how I did on the different sections.

                                  I took the test to gain some respect at the office while we migrate from Tivoli to Orion.

                                  btw, when will my avatar have the "certified" banner?

                                  Thanks all!!

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                                    Congratulations!  The 'Certified' banner can take a few days to update while Prometric's system synchronizes with our hosting vendor, then synchronizes with thwack.

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