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    Netflow Traffic Analysis - slow chart load times


      I have seen this subject brought up before, but the answers didn't exactly fit my situation.  We have NTA 3.5 running alongside NPM 9.5 SP2.  NPM is speedy, NTA data is speedy, but NTA charts take 10-15 seconds *each* to display.  NPM/NTA is running on a VM with 4 vCPUs and 4GB of ram.  Our SQL Server is a Dual Quad-core 2.53Ghz server with 12GB of ram (10GB given to SQL) attached to RAID 10 disk.  Based on performance data I've looked at on the host and VM level, I don't see any bottlenecks that would explain the poor chart performance.  Is there a bug I'm missing, or any way to optimize chart performance?