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    map status and Network Atlas


      I updated my installation of Orion to NPM 9.5 SP 1 3 weeks ago and I found (again!!!) some disadvantages which make me disappointed and added more unnecessary work.

      Network Atlas is fine but it made all maps merged with related backgrounds (even have no idea how NA found it!?!?) what caused total **** of almost all maps.

      There is no active "alignement" and "distribution" button on NA for labels and I didn't find any trigger to set up default font or link colour for the maps.

      Changing LED type for node is real pain - it tooks almost minute to use dropdown list item at menu but changing by node properies needs too many unnecessary clicks.

      Map is UP when every element on the map is UP otherwise it get WARNING UNMANAGED or UNKNOWN randomly. I mean if map contains several nested maps then I got status UNMANAGED if one node is unmanaged on one of nested maps. However sometimes highest level map changes status on website from UNMANAGED to WARNING (don't know why???).  

      I read many posts regarding above (and more issues) as well I found posts regarding script errors in SP 2.

      So my question is if SP2 with HF 1 will fix the issue of map status at least and improve NA a little or will produce more next problems? Other words - should I wait for SP 3 or better update NPM with SP 2?