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    SNMP Trap service shuts down


      I've had this issue open with support for some time but they haven't had any luck getting to the bottom of the issue; therefore I thought I might post the problem here to see if anyone else might be experiencing the same or has any thoughts on what might be going on.

      I'm running NPM 9.5 (just installed SP3). The problem I am experiencing is that the Windows Server 2003 SNMP Trap service will shut down. Let's say I reboot the server. The Trap service starts and runs for about 10 minutes. Then the local svcORION account (server name is ORION) sends the SNMP Trap Service a stop control which shuts down the service. Does anyone know why this would occur? I can't pinpoint when it started but I know it worked fine when we were running 9.1. We've tried reinstalling SNMP with no luck. I'm trying to see if I can find a solution before I try reinstalling the server.

      Thanks for any advice.