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    CBQoS options in new NTA version


      I did a trial of NTA a few months ago before CBQoS functionality was added and the trial did not go well.  The software could not handle a single internet connection I sent netflow to it from....let alone the hundreds of circuits I would want to add.  That said we are in desperate need of QoS monitoring and was wondering if the new version of NTA could only be used for its ability to snmp collect the CBQoS data or does the interface need to be added as a netflow collector in order to gather CBQoS data.  If the later is the case I am pretty sure the software will **** out when I try to send all my circuits netflow data to the box. 

      For those of you out there with NTA...how many netflow sources do you send to your installation and when do you start seeing problems?  How much total data are your circuits pushing (ie 100Mbs links or T-1's)?  I just had bad experience where it couldn't keep up with just one of our 100Mb internet connections so I am interested if it was only me that had problems with this module.