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    Liebert % Remaining Custom View


      Hi All,

      I currently use a custom view (created by someone on the forum) to view LED Bars representing the % charge remaining on Liebert UPSs.  It hasn't worked since the 9.5 upgrade and I can't seem to figure out why.  All I get is red X's where the gauage should be.  Please see snippet below and let me know if anything jumps out at you...

      I've tried the following:

      Changed to /Orion/NetPerfMon/Guage.aspx .

      Removed the { } around the custom poller ID

      Removed all variables after the poller ID.

      The Custom Poller ID is correct according to the database.

      <img src="/NetPerfMon/Gauge.asp?Style=LED Bar&NetObject=N:2873&CustomPollerID={2A8E91A4-ED59-43B6-A193-1151C382BDC3}&CustomScales=&Width=400&Scale=100&Max=100&Min=0&CustomLegends=&Legends=10&WarningLevel=50&ErrorLevel=90&ReverseThreshold=1&TimeUnit=" border="0">