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    Dashboard Functionality


      I have been tasked with making a dashboard.  I think we could reproduce the functionality of this screen cap from a well known open source nms platform. I scoured thwack yesterday and dont see anyone else doing this.  I have all the custom properties configured to be able to do this.  Looks like my DBA and I could hack this together, but was wondering if anyone else has something similar or if solarwinds is working on functionality similar to this.  I do see an old dashboard project from solarwinds but there has been no new news in a while.

      Part of what gets really hairy is that each line is a seperate query (example: nodes.model = "Cisco Switch" and nodes.customername = "Backbone" and nodes.report = "yes") and then each statistic is a rollup (count or average) in that specific query line.


      Thoughts any one? Any one have something close to this?

      Thanks for listening.

      Ross Warren