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    Internet Radio

      My setup

      NPM w/orion netflow

      Cat 6509 w/720sup

      I'm trying to measure bandwidth being consumed by internet radio.

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            If you find the ports it is using you can add it to netflow so it displays as "Internet Radio" and makes it easier all around to find and see your stats.

            The hitch will be where do you want to capture the netflow.  From your 6509s?  or from an edge router?  It would be better to do it from the edge router in my opinion as a busy 6509 sending out netflows will fill up your TCAMs and therefore drop some of the flows possibly.

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                This is tricky, because Internet radio commonly uses three different ports: 80 (HTTP), 553 (RTSP), and 1935 (Flash). I've also seen less common streaming apps using odd UDP ports from time to time.

                I don't know of any way to easily sort out streaming traffic from other traffic that uses the same ports. The best thing I've found is to look for large flows from content distribution networks such as LLNW, Akamai, etc. The problem with this is that a lot of Akamai stuff doesn't have PTR records in DNS, and NTA doesn't have any way to do a WHOIS lookup for IP address block assignments. So for me at least, this largely a manual process at this point.

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                The routing for the these networks is done on the 6509.

                I have netflow configured and see the traffic by protocol, ports etc.., but it very manual and a little guess work. The radio stations are using port 80. What I'm wanting is way to seperate out and graph the radio usage.