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    IPAM suggested improvements/additions

      - Verification if network already in use, was able to create the same subnet twice

      - Add additional columns to the 'Display name, Description' box, would like to add Location.  Would also be nice if they size (length) of the column can be customized

      - Search groups (listed below display name), these groups are automatically created based on group membership or information listed (e.g. location, hostname, etc...) having this with a Boolean search option would be a great addition.

      - Ability to add multiple groups at the 'root' instead of one, handy when adminstrating multiple companies

      - Some way of integrating DHCP server/scope control

      Thanks otherwise for a great 'simple' IP address management tool.

      Niels Bakker..

        • Re: IPAM suggested improvements/additions

          Thanks for the feedback.

          #1 is an open enhancement request we have, I will add you to it

          #2 the resize is a known issue as well.  Regarding adding additional columns, you can add custom fields at the category level and when you select the level above it all the children including the custom fields will show in the right hand pane, would that not work?  You can also have multiple levels of categories in the left hand navigation tree as well

          #3 search on groups is also another open enhancement request, I will add you to that one as well

          #4 so you want to have multiple unique instance of a IP system within IPAM, I see your point and will add an enhancement request

          #5 What would you be interested in seeing here.  Both data and functionality