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    Nortel Switches and KiwiTools



      I need to get the mac address tables off the Nortel Switches in my environment but get the following error when trying to use the Kiwi Tools

      "device type: Nortel.switch.Ethernet has not yet had this functionality added. Skipping this device"

      Do you know when the Nortel support will be included as this would be an incredibly useful tool for me to use.

      Kind Thanks


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          Hi Simon,

          Which script is it that you are using, it it the Nortel.Switch.Ethernet?

          Can you supply me with a PuTTY capture of you getting this detail manually and I can then make an assessment of how complex this will be to do. This will enable the product development manager to see if and when this should be scheduled for development.

          I can not give any timescales for this.

          Kind regards,