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    NCM 5.5.1 Service Release is Now Available


      Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM) 5.5.1

      If you're on maintenance, you can download this latest version from your customer portal.  If you're a prospective customer, please re-download the evaluation.

      This release of Orion Network Configuration Manager includes the following fixes:

      • Resolves an issue when installing on SQL 2008 would require an instance name.
      • Resolves an issue when the Node List would constantly refresh, resulting in poor web console performance.
      • Resolves an issue on Windows 2008 platform with importing devices during the Config Wizard.
      • Resolves an issue with Avara Device login failure.
      • SNMP v3 password length limitation now fixed.
      • Resolves an issue with NCM Integration breaking the APM App Builder application.
      • Resolves an issue where the Help buttons on the NCM web site for users with Win 2008 x64 platform wouldn't work.
      • Resolves an issue which SSH Downloads would timeout on banner.
      • Resolves an issue with Orion NPM import jobs not merging properly with SSH/Telnet settings.
      • Resolves an issue with Orion NPM Integration: Inventory reports results page hangs and shows IE error instead of appropriate message in case no Inventory is done.
      • Orion NPM Integration - Compare Configs: Change is not tracked at all on the Node Details page of Orion NPM web in case user modified 'Comparison output Width' value in NCM Settings.

      ***Please Note: Windows 2008 Known Issue with Scheduled Jobs

      By default, Windows 2008 sets scheduled tasks to run only when the user context it is set to run under is logged on and requires Windows credentials for every change. Any job changes made through the NCM client application may require the entering of credentials on the Security tab prior to saving. You may also use the Windows Task Scheduler to directly enable/disable jobs, execute jobs, and update schedules.

      See full release notes here:  http://www.solarwinds.com/support/orionNCM/docs/ReleaseNotes/releaseNotes.htm